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Environmental Accountability

Environmental Sustainability

The University has taken numerous steps towards supporting a greener campus recently by committing to the divestment of fossil fuels. With that being said, there is still so much more work to be done to ensure a more environmentally friendly and sustainable campus. In order to reach this goal, we plan to advocate for the following platform items:

  • Hold the University accountable in their commitment of divestment of fossil fuels

  • Continue in the promotion of zero-waste events across campus

  • Expand the number of solar panels present on campus

  • Elimination of single-use plastics on campus

  • Ensure future infrastructure projects on campus consider how to minimize heat loss during the winter, as well as other environmental factors

  • Continue sustainability advocate campaigns to ensure 1st-year students understand the proper classification and disposal of plastic materials

  • Offer more scholarships to students majoring in environmental studies to encourage and incentivize sustainability advocacy

  • Work together with university dining to ensure that food vendors use disposable and compostable silverware as opposed to forever plastic

  • Support and expand ReUse campaigns at university housing locations

  • Support initiatives that help us reach UMN goal of recycling 90% of campus waste

  • Secure funds for the expansion of UMN recycling capabilities

    • ​Ex: grants that builds infrastructure resulting in an increase in the UMN recycling center capacity

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